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Reputation, Reputation, Reputation

Just as location is the most important criteria in real estate, so too is reputation in the corporate arena. So what do you wear to the annual Halloween office party when your firm is as traditional as the Queen of England?

Honestly, the safest bet is to go to work as you normally would and leave the costume for afterhours. But, if your company is throwing a Halloween party and you want to go in the spirit - keep it minimal! Here are some ideas:

1. Classic Women
    Ode to our role models.

2. Minimal (Headbands, Facepaint)
    Keep it simple.

3. Fictitious characters
    We all like a good story.

Be confident your Halloween costume is appropriate for the workplace should you decide to wear one. Leave the provocative graphic tees and thigh-high leather boots outside the office unless you want to be known forever as the office slut...

Decide what adjectives you'd like to be described with. Be cute, be clever, and be classy. Cradle your reputation - it can make or break first impressions.

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